Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ready, set, go! Dara Market Bag

Apparently, I'm obsessed with my market bags. I can't seem to stop. This version has a few changes -- the body is longer making the curve more pronounced and the sides shorter. It still has plenty of room, but it's distributed differently. The handle isn't wrapped at the shoulder and the joint where the strap ends meet is permanently fixed at one point so the entire strap doesn't slide through like in the others. There are no flowers on this one either. These are really minor changes, I think. The big change is the yarn. This is 100% cotton. I found the yarn at times stiff and difficult to work with and prone to unraveling. Argh. That may explain the no-frills approach. I have lots of confidence in the strength of this yarn. It's tough.

These colors are a departure for me too. Very bright and summery. Almost neon! I made it for the EtsyFAST August challenge - The Summer Olympics. I love watching the swim events and this is a great bag for taking to the pool. I also like how the shape and texture is similar to the "Nest" stadium in Beijing. I struggled for a name and finally decided to name it after Dara Torres, four time Olympian and the first American to swim in four Olympic games!