Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just in Time for the Holidays

If you saw me at the Jingle Bash in Dallas this last weekend or Funky Find's The Experience in Fort Worth earlier this month you might have noticed that I'm now 6 months pregnant! Things are going well and we're so excited about our new baby coming in March. While I won't be doing any shows in the Spring, I am so happy to have had the opportunity to do such amazing shows this Fall.

I had a blast at the Jingle Bash yesterday and even though it was completely exhausting, it was totally worth it. Same for The Experience in Fort Worth, but the Jingle Bash holds a special place in my indie-craft-heart. I've done that show every year for all of its three year history. Every year I am blown away by the crowds, the enthusiasm of the shoppers, and the quality of the Bash. The Etsy Dallas team does an amazing (all-volunteer) job of organizing a fun, creative, and high quality shopping experience.

Once again, I'm in awe. I'm exhausted, but still kind of giddy from the success of the day.