Monday, January 10, 2011

Post-Holiday Showoff

This Christmas I made some ambitious crochet projects in advance of the little one I having coming later this Spring. I thought I'd try out my toy ideas on my nephews. The Octosweaterpus was a collaboration with my husband Todd. He drew the picture and I made the plushie based on it. I think that was one of the most complicated color switching projects I've ever done! I'm very proud of how this one turned out and our nephew Ryan surprised us all by loving it! He twirled it around by the head and even came back to it later despite all the other toys.
The arms are a very satisfying size for little hands to grip onto. By the way, Todd did the drawing on his iPhone.


For my twin nephews I made matching elephants. I wasn't up to 16 more octo-arms. I designed the pattern myself. I'm particularly happy with the stubby legs and solid feet pads. I think they came out pretty cute!