Thursday, May 1, 2008

Freebies for all - or at least some

I received my sample packet from Etsy Texas Crafters today! Very exciting. I submitted my crocheted pins, as seen in an earlier post of mine from March 16. Here's what the packs looked like (you can see my pins on the left). I've just sent off my samples for the EtsyDallas Beer-B-Q and I tried to make something smaller and new. I settled on bobby pins and hairbands with little crocheted circles and buttons. I think they are pretty cute.

I've been away from Etsy because of my trip to Chicago for the art fair, but I have plenty of projects underway. I have a fantastic project half done for the EtsyFAST monthly challenge for May - flowers. I'm making a ridiculously flowery pillow. No, I mean really FLOWERY!! It's funny and tacky and, well, you'll see. I hope to finish it soon. Maybe I'll post it next week if I make good progress. It's so much work and will cost so much, I'm sure to never sell it. Coming soon...

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Local Honey said...

OMG! isn't my birthday coming up? wouldn't these make great gifts for me? heh. (or maybe you can sell them to me at a discount!?!?)