Monday, June 30, 2008

Light Green Shrug - Design Notes

I had the idea for the this shawl for a while, but when it came to actually making it I changed stitches as I went. I really liked how it turned out. My second attempt at this style -- a giant flat circle with undulating edges -- was the pink frothy circle wrap/capelet. This light green piece was more finished; I stitched the parts together to make the arm holes, but I made the ribbon removable.  
The yarn is surprisingly soft and fuzzy. It feels a bit like wearing a tiny afghan. I photographed this shawl several times and changed my Etsy shop posting accordingly. I had lots of traffic, hearts, and treasuries for this item -- which I was very happy about! It finally sold at the EtsyDallas Beer-B-Q. I learned so much in making, photographing, and promoting this item. I still love the first photo at top. And, I should probably make something else like this soon. We'll see. 

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knitting dragonfly said...

It is very pretty, nice to wear this time of year over a tank etc.