Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yarn as a Form of Escapism

I just posted this yesterday. It's my fourth variation on the the Flutter Shawl. This time I tried a few new styles in the presentation. It's a substantial shawl! It has a nice weight to it. I find so much satisfaction in creating, finishing, and presenting these crocheted goods. My slogan for my Etsy shop and this blog is "yarn as a form of escapism" and let me tell you just how true that is. I came home today so stressed about work and restless and worried. I find myself forcing anxious thoughts out of my head and trying to calm my hands and challenge myself to create something all of my own. The process of designing and figuring things out is my favorite part, above all; but there is something to be said for having steady handwork to do. I was listening to a neuroscientist talking on a recent radio program. She was explaining why knitting can fight depression just like serotonin drugs. They produce a similar result. She said doctors used to prescribe knitting as a treatment for anxiety. (I've gone a bit loopy trying to remember the show or search for anything about this - I'll look again later.) The steady rhythm of the work is calming and there is a finished product as a reward at the end. For me, I appreciate that this thing (whatever it is that I've made) belongs to me and exists because of me. I'm proud of what I've made and I like that feeling. I've forgotten what I was upset about completely. Escape accomplished!

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