Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fall Finally?

I'm happy to say I have started posting my backlog of shawls and shrugs from this spring and summer. I've been so behind! I'm glad Fall is on its way. People might start to think about staying warm and cute little shrugs and shawls and hats. In addition to my general procrastination, I changed cameras and I needed time to learn the new one. I think it's working pretty well. I have more hats still to list and I'm working on some new items too, so there should more regular activity on my Etsy site to come.

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Kourtney said...

Hello there! I found your etsy page under the crochet section, and I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely adore your shawls and shrugs! You really pick the best colors and fibers!
I really admire your photos, as well! I am somewhat new to etsy and also to selling my crocheted items, and I feel like I have the hardest time taking decent photos.