Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Notes Black Ruffle Necklace

This weekend I finished and gave this necklace as a birthday present. It is the third ruffle necklace I've made so far. This one is made from a loop of stretchy black and white print fabric. I stitched the two pieces together before starting then tied a knot in the back to make the necklace shorter. Since it is stretchy it will slip over the head, or you could untie the knot and have a longer necklace. 

The thread is fairly easy to crochet with a tiny steel hook; it holds its shape really well. Working in black makes it more challenging since it is so hard to see. It seems to suck all of the light from the lamp, but as long as I can find the next loop everything is fine. I love how the crochet starts to ruffle in beautiful crenelations. This is a form of hyperbolic crochet with two stitches in every one, just like the hyperbolic pseudospheres that I like to make. I look forward to trying more combinations of fibers and fabrics. 

I thought this would look really great with a crisp white shirt or black sweater.

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