Monday, January 4, 2010

Blue Skies and a New Day

It's the first work day of the new year and I'm busy-busy. I was sick most of last week but managed to add over 30 items to my little shop, plus three more to photograph and list today or tomorrow. Now that I'm listing smaller items, with successful photos, I've been catching up on inventory. But enough of this boring talk, it's Monday of a new week of a new year!

I have so many new ideas. I'm really excited about sharing my designs from yesterday, a mohair shrug and two scarves in a new design. Maybe it was being sick and watching lots of movies that helped me keep my rhythm, but I was mighty productive yesterday. Thanks Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby! I watched "Blue Skies", featuring those two fellows and I felt down-right lazy after watching all the tapping and dizzy from all the saturated colors. Such gorgeous costumes too. By the way, that movie has the strangest plot. It is surprisingly dark and empty-feeling for a movie with so many song and dance numbers.

Meanwhile, here's a peek at what the flowers and leaves that I've been posting lately looked like before completion. I do love color.

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ennadoolf said...

I love them! Some day I may learn to crochet, but for now knitting keeps me busy. :)