Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Think of this post as a tiny memorial to an item that sold that I now miss. I ordered handspun tomato orange flecked mint yarn from circuspony and was giddy when I saw that it was even more amazing than I had thought! I worked and reworked the body of the hood three times because I kept running out of that yarn. I added the alternating squishy orange alpaca rows and finally went and bought the cream wool to be able to finish it. I then added the ruffle at the bottom, just because! Well, to balance the design and add an extra touch of whimsy.

I don't work with handspun yarn as often as I would like, so I feel like I have a special obligation to take someone else's beautiful work and try to do my absolute best with it. This hood sat proudly on my hat stand at the Etsy Jinglebash last Fall and was featured on a few blogs before making it to the front page two days before Christmas and finally selling on Christmas day! I'll make other hoods, but this one was magical.

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Jen and Rich Johnson said...

It is so sweet! And now you have a nice write up to remember it by! Nicely done.