Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Little Kimono Jacket

 My sister Amanda gave me a beautiful skein of bamboo and wool blend yarn. I used my new yarn swift and baller to wind it up into a ball, then proceeded to design and make this little jacket. I used blanket binding on the diagonal edges.
As you can see it could be worn open or crossed. I haven't added any ties, frogs, or buttons because I'm not sure which to chose. I think when I see a little body in there it will make more sense what to do. Meanwhile, I'm happy with it as is. It's very soft and I've already washed and dried it. I'm hoping it should fit her at about 6 mo. It's also very airy, so it doesn't have to be more than slightly cool for this to be comfortable.


La Alicia said...

your little girl is going to be the cutest best dressed little one ever! :)

lilyjunestrawberrygirl said...

This is possibly the cutest jacket I've ever see. I love the color.