Friday, February 4, 2011

Preparing the Layette

When January arrived I had finished making items for the fall shows and just barely finished my Christmas present projects. Finally, it was time to start making things for the baby. She's due in just four weeks now. The layette sleeper is my most accomplished item so far. I based the pattern on a sleeper I had received as a gift for her. It took a bit of thinking, but I figured out how to put an elastic in hem binding and weave that through the bottom so it stays stretchy. The top has an envelope opening at the shoulders. Designing just the right shape for the bodice pieces so it would fold correctly was a bit of a challenge too. I added a top stitch to the sleeves so they wouldn't be so plain and the body, below the bodice, is worked in a stitch that stretches both directions - more like a knit garment. (Go here to see Lena in her outfit!)

Prior to starting the sleeper, I made this little set. I needed to feel like I was making progress, so I whipped up a little hat and matching booties. Having never made booties before and designing as I went the first one was a little slow, but the second was done in a flash. These are all made from a super soft bamboo/wool blend that's very silky feeling. The mary-jane style booties have a loop closure over the button. 

Then, I made a little blanket. It's just the right size to fit over an infant carrier, a perfect little square with two ruffled edges. I ran the stripes in random combinations of four colors: pink, cream, mint blue, and light teal blue. It's very soft and light, completely breathable. 

I have more to do. I'm working on a little bonnet to go with the sleeper and I have many more ideas. More hats and booties are needed for sure. Meanwhile, my husband has been working on the baby's room. Here's a peak at the color we picked out. It probably won't show up correctly here, so I'll just tell you it's called beeswax and it's a soft yellow, not too brown or green or too pale. It's sunny and happy.

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La Alicia said...

oh my gosh! all those little girl knitted pieces are just adorable! can't wait to meet her.

love the sunny yellow wall color in the nursery! :)