Friday, February 22, 2008

Design notes on new bag

I made a really fun magazine sized bag in a thick nubby acrylic blend. I tried to watch and pick the placement of the colors in the variegated yarn and sort of control the final look. See the red outline of the bag form with the top stitch. The top picture is of the back of the bag.

Here, you can see that I added a green pocket inside from a different yarn, but matching color. I pinched the pockets at the bottom corners to give the pocket depth. It is stitched securely, but no stitches show on the outside. It is sized for a cell phone and keys and has a slight roll at the top lip for easy access.

And here is the front! See what I mean about controlling the color. I wanted all blue with a red "lip" at the edge of the top flap. The body is made of a separate front and back - the back is longer and creates the flap. The strap is one continuous loop that is attached to the front and back on the inside. The strap is double crocheted in parts and triple crocheted together to the front and back - not sewn.

The body is sized to fit a magazine. Once I starting putting stuff in it the strap stretched and I need to tie a knot to keep it from being too low. I'm very happy with my new bag. It is thick, solid, soft and tight and just the right size. Don't look for it in my shop since I made it for me. I make something else like it though. 

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