Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Neck-Ruff Envy

I made a new scarf for my Etsy shop and it makes me laugh - I've definitely been watching too many period dramas and suffering from neck ruff envy. It is beautiful and unique and kind of ridiculous and that's wonderful. 

Todd says it looks like a sea worm. Probably, they are flat and undulating and very curious looking. Technically, I'm surprised how much yarn was required. I went through almost an entire skein. It is very dense! I think it makes a great sculpture. I love the picture of Bradley (the furry mass, my dog) with the scarf but I couldn't post it on my etsy site, so I'm putting it here. Click here for more images and options for wearing it.  

Some things that possibly put this idea in my head:
The Pride and Prejudice Masterpiece marathon on PBS currently running.
Becoming Jane
The Tudors
Previews for the upcoming new movie, The Other Bolyn
my love of weird sea creatures and expanding crocheted forms...

1 comment:

countingstitches said...

I love that scarf and the colors are so elegant!

And yes you could put that picture of your dog laying next to it on Etsy, who says you can't?

Sharon (countingstitches.etsy.com)