Monday, March 31, 2008

Notes on Storm Cloud Shrug

I was shooting for the first week in April to finish this piece and get it posted, but I finished early and posted it today. It's for the EtsyFAST April Challenge: Storms. I had so much fun participating in last month's fairy tales challenge that I was overly excited about this one, plus I had a good idea. I knew I wanted to make a shrug, but it grew very organically from there. My small shrug became huge when I started the rows too long, then I wrapped them under the arms and added triangular sections before gathering and tapering the sleeves. I then added a section to the back and rounded out the opening, first gathering then adding a nice soft finished edge. This shrug became so complicated quickly for such a simple idea, but I could easily remake it without having to rip out the left sleeve (twice) due to miscalculations on size - needed them to match. The ombre color shifting is okay, but not my favorite part of this piece. I might try it in a solid color instead. It does get unpredictable at times.

I think the basic idea/inspiration behind the design worked. I wanted something billowy, dark, versatile, moody, brooding, tragically romantic - all that good stuff. And, killer with a pair of jeans!


knitting dragonfly said...

OOOOO Love the shrug!!

Nora said...

nice shrug! I give you props, it seems very complicated!