Monday, September 14, 2009

Ms. Austen, again

I was just playing around with SocialMention - your site for searching the blogosphere for mentions - and noticed a reference to my Austen Flutter shawls here. I just watched Sense and Sensibility again and remembered why I do love that period and Ms. Austen so much. I kept interrupting the movie to tell my husband that the part coming up was my second, or third, or first most favorite part of the movie. I already have them in order in my head and could hardly stand the anticipation waiting for the final BEST moment at the almost-end. Here is another shawl inspired by that same line of shawls - the last one in my shop until I make more.

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Fresh said...

I loooove Sense and Sensibility. My favorite awkward part is when Col Branden/Alan Ricman leans over to Margaret and says "The air is full of spices."

And I love, seriously, I LOVE shawls. And this one is so sweet, I could wear it while I sit at my corner table and hand-write my novels....