Monday, September 28, 2009

Up on the Roof

So, in addition to my yarn obsession, I'm now getting into hula hooping! It's so much fun. Here's my friend Jen of Hip Hazel Hoops on the roof at Southside on Lamar. She teaches beginning and advanced hula hooping and makes and sells hoops and accessories. I'm really enjoying working with her and learning more about coordination as well as how to laugh at myself and of course how to try and try again. The magic is when you finally get it and it feels effortless. For more on Jen on the roof, here's a video. We also worked with Kevin Todora on a fantastic photoshoot on the roof, like the image above.

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Fresh said...

Ah, hula hoops. What fun, and that's one of the few outdoorsy/game-like activities I can actually do.

Did not know there were hula hoop classes. I wonder how you get certified to teach that?? (I bet it's fun)

Have you ever hula hooped on the Wii Fit? I'm the champ at my house. My sister and I took turns videotaping the other one (secretly) because it looks ridiculous.

Have a great week!