Monday, September 28, 2009

Up on the Roof

So, in addition to my yarn obsession, I'm now getting into hula hooping! It's so much fun. Here's my friend Jen of Hip Hazel Hoops on the roof at Southside on Lamar. She teaches beginning and advanced hula hooping and makes and sells hoops and accessories. I'm really enjoying working with her and learning more about coordination as well as how to laugh at myself and of course how to try and try again. The magic is when you finally get it and it feels effortless. For more on Jen on the roof, here's a video. We also worked with Kevin Todora on a fantastic photoshoot on the roof, like the image above.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ms. Austen, again

I was just playing around with SocialMention - your site for searching the blogosphere for mentions - and noticed a reference to my Austen Flutter shawls here. I just watched Sense and Sensibility again and remembered why I do love that period and Ms. Austen so much. I kept interrupting the movie to tell my husband that the part coming up was my second, or third, or first most favorite part of the movie. I already have them in order in my head and could hardly stand the anticipation waiting for the final BEST moment at the almost-end. Here is another shawl inspired by that same line of shawls - the last one in my shop until I make more.


I just finished photographing my new hats for Fall. Here are three of the gazillion I've made recently. I can't seem to keep up with the listings. I'll work on it more today.

Meanwhile, I've just been featured on the Etsy Storque in an article on Fall Weddings!

Oh, and I'm in the Gift Guide for Fall Weddings!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


This is a custom order that I just finished. It's the white shrug with black trim that I made last spring, but with a standup collar and button closure at the neck added. The black yarn holds the lacy pattern of the crochet beautifully. I think it's pretty sharp. I'm surprised at how many custom orders I've been doing lately. The timing is spot-on. My last day of work at my full-time job is coming up this week. I'm just breaking down my office now. It's good to have projects and feel like I'm filling a need or a want. I don't expect to make a living off Etsy, or at least not off what I do at Etsy now, but it is satisfying. I try my best to make original items and to give the best customer service believing, whether there is a tangible reward for it or not, that it's the right thing to do - it just feels right. As embarrassed and self-conscious as I am sometimes, I like to feel proud of what I'm doing.

I have so many ideas for new things to make and designs to try. It's a good thing I'm going to have time, at least for a while.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Maker as Model

Thanks to a brief chat in the Etsy forums I was asked to write a tutorial about my photography process - specifically tips about how to be your own model and photographer. Check it out on Artful Chatter by Renaissance, a blog by fellow Etsian and fiber enthusiastic Rag House International. In addition to the advantages ad flexibility of being your own art director, photographer, and model I think that we (the designers/makers) are often the best embodiment of our own brand. That said, if I had the cash I do have ideas...

I photographed this hat for the article, but it sold too quickly! This is the second time I've made this design, previously in orange, and the second time I've ever had a sale in less than an hour. I NEED to keep making this hat!! :)