Thursday, November 17, 2011

DIY Holiday Crafts: Mini Bunting

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the sheer amount of opportunities to make things: cookies, decorations, gifts, wrapping, cards! So much fun. I decided to share some of that joy with you with my craft kits.

I've expanded my miniature holiday garland making to include mini bunting kits! Your choice of four festive colors or classic red and white. Each kit comes with four tiny crocheted felted wooly flags tied up in a 14-inch crocheted strand. Ready for you to sew or glue together (fabric glue recommended, though hot glue would do in a pinch). Each flag measures about an inch. Everything looks cuter tiny.

Besides flags, you can also add jingle bells, fabric, tiny toys, and other trinkets. I'm planning to embroider my daughters names on her bunting -- four letters, four flags. Luckily, her name is simple since my embroidery is very primitive. I'll have these with me at the Jingle Bash on Saturday and should have them in my Etsy shop by next week. 

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