Monday, November 21, 2011

Put a Bow on It: Thinking about Packaging

The default for the lazy gift wrapper is just to "put a bow on it"! Here I wanted to show off how I've done the work for you. These top two are recent examples of packages I've sent off from Etsy orders. They didn't ask for gift wrap, but I feel like opening something from the mail should be a special experience. Besides, how else would I wrap up my goods? The top package is sewn fabric slipcase for a baby girl's hood. The package below is felt wrapped over miniature bunting, then secured with fabric and baker's twine. Notice how I keep saying fabric? I switched from tissue paper to fabric for shipping years ago. Why would I spend all those hours making the perfect delicate item only to wrap it in cheap tissue paper, when, instead, I can make a permanent home for it with fabric that you'll use over and over to store and protect your garment?

For the recent batch of craft shows I've done this fall, I made these paper packages. The smaller ones are made from an extra copy of "Pride and Prejudice," while the larger ones are made from "Dwell" magazine. For the magazine b I added a piece of Japanese sticker tape and my own MA stamp. I used the same tape to tape the bag shut after it's been filled. All of these bags have single pleat sides.

When thinking about how I wanted to make my packaging I kept coming back to what would be the most delightful and environmentally friendly solution? What would best reflect my brand for Modest Ambition as well as my own personal views on packaging, excess, and waste? Just because I run a business doesn't mean that I have to contribute to the chaos of clutter. Hopefully, I've made something that you will either keep, re-purpose, or recycle, but only after you've had a moment of enjoyment and delight.

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